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How To Properly Store Your Precious Business Documents

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In today’s modern world, it is easy to discount the use of modern document storage facilities. With many companies going paperless that is not hard to imagine, but the truth is any business even today still produces a fair amount of paperwork in the course of its operation. Because of this fact, many companies require storage spaces for these paper documents. Some outsourced this to dedicated hard copy storage companies or just used storage and stored their paper documents inside. If you are one of the latter, here are a few helpful tips to get you to safely store your documents yourself.

Keep Access Easy

When storing documents, especially in the long term, make sure that you keep those most recent or those that are still being used within easy access. Avoid having to dig out those boxes out of Records Storage last by making the mistake of loading them in first.

Prepare Against Mold

 Use anti mold preparations for your documents and make sure that you put them in nicely prepared packages with desiccants and dehumidifiers to make sure that items are staying as dry as possible. Also, allow some time to visit your storage to ensure that there is no moisture.

Store Them Elevated

This is just prudent as water may seep in from the floor and damage your precious documents. Store them on metal shelving or on top of wooden pallets as what the situation dictates.

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Limit The Access

Have secure locks and limit the personnel that can access your storage unit for obvious security reasons. MAny businesses and even HR records are personal and need to be private. Self-storage locations will be secure and with video surveillance but adding your own precautions to their already existing security will add that extra layer in protecting your documents.

Organize them

Organize your boxes by year and type of record. Part of this is being careful in labeling your boxes properly as well. There is nothing worse than going through every box looking for just that one document.

Choose Your Storage Location

Make sure you start your search local areas first. It is just prudent that the location should be as near to you as possible. Make sure that it is a convenient location and you can get to it as close as possible when you need something from the storage unit. Ensure that you choose the unit that is just the right size for your needs. Too small of a space will result in some not being able to fit all of them properly and may actually damage them in the process. Just the right size ensures that you have space for the documents and for you to maneuver when searching for a particular one.


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