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Since the birth of a baby it becomes parent’s responsibility to protect them from all the damages that might harm them otherwise. As they grow they start crawling and tend to move at various places such as stairs, near window, balcony or other spaces in the home. Crawling is the most sensitive phase in kids growing life cycle because this is the time when they fall and injure them the most. In order to protect them in this stage it is essential to place best baby gates in the indoor of your homes.

About baby gates

A baby gate is a small protective barrier that constructed mainly to safeguard the baby from reaching to the areas that are not safe to play around. The unsafe openings in a home include balcony, stair cases, fire places, glass windows (if they are open) and kitchen. They are usually made up of metal or wood, or plastic material which can be either in hardware mounted or pressure mountedtype. These are basically used when the child is too small, once they attain height the gates are nomore in use.

Best baby gates- Its various types

Types of child protection gates

While buying safety gates you will come across three options which are listed below:

  1. Hardware-mounted safety gates-Also known as permanent safety baby gates,
  2. Are strong gates usually made up of metal or plastic that prevents the child’s entry to certain unsafe places in a home
  3. Since the material used in the making of these gates is very strong, they offer high durability.
  4. These gates are of the same standard width as the room doors but are short heighted and are installed onto the doors with the help of screws or studs and are fixed behind the walls to offer maximum safety.
  5. Generally the gates can be increased up to 1.09 meters without any attachment and can be extended up to 1.68 meters with the help of attachment.
  6. Hardware-mounted safety gatescan be mounted on top of the staircases to prevent the entry of kids on the terrace.
  7. Pressure mounted safety gates-
  8. Uses pressure to fix the door on the door frame or beside the wall.
  9. These gates are generally crafted with aluminium, plastic, nylon wire mesh or wood material.

These are extremely portable, light in weight that can be installed easily.

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