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Pros and cons of using the service of stitch fix

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Stitch Fix is an online store where you can fill your style profile and get selected stuff for your own self-designed by your personal stylist. According to my personal experience, reviews and feedback from customers and ratings on other websites, I have written this review of stitch fix.

review of stitch fix

Pros —

  1. Making the style profile is a lot of fun, measuring your own self and mentioning about your style choices. It makes you think what you actually love and want and what you don’t. This is some way of spending quality time with your own self-analyzing your own wish list. That was a very valuable exercise.
  2. Waiting for your box to be delivered after you order is very thrilling and exciting. Also when you get the box it is a surprise gift which you want to just open the moment you get it. The happy feeling that you get from doing that is unmatched.
  3. Shopping at stitch fun is less time consuming, easy and convenient as you get the box right at your doorstep and online also you just have to fill a form rather than browsing websites.
  4. Freedom to try out the outfit at the comfort of your home and then three days to decide whether you want to keep or return it back is a great feature.
  5. In the box, they also send a styling card with each of the items so that you get some idea to mix and match the accessories with the item that you are trying out.
  6. It was a good feeling to try out stuff picked by someone else. It helps you define your style further.

Cons —

  1. sometimes the styling person might not understand your requirements and you might not like anything out of that box, this might lead to a loss of 20$.
  2. If the product that you request is not in their catalogue or in stock then they send something else in its place, which might be disappointing sometimes.
  3. The pricing is in mid to high range as compared to some thrift stores where you can get a better sale or bargain.

This review of stitch fix is based on my experience and is an unbiased view of the website. So do read it on before placing an order on the website.

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