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Everything You Need To Know About Need for Speed Most Wanted

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The fans could not stop talking about all the fantastic features of this game, and on the Internet they made headlines about this great title. What’s going on? What makes this title so exceptional? Make a brief visit with me and you will know.

The main attraction of Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted is the return of the high-speed police pursuit, which was featured in the first release of the series and improved on Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. But police chases are much more difficult than fans used to in previous versions of the game. The police are much more aggressive, more qualified and better equipped. Do not think you can set your trip as the fastest and quickly beat the cops, have heavy things under the hood and experienced drivers behind the wheel.

The damage patterns are also returned

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You can completely destroy a police car while your own car can only be damaged visually by using broken windows and damaged paint. Almost everything in the world of free roaming can be destroyed and used to your advantage during the police pursuit. Drive through the gas station or remove the poles from the roof of the store and see what happens with the police. Traffic patterns have also been improved, and they are still as annoying as in all other versions of need for speed most wanted apk, but the game will not be as fun without this irritation factor. The interest of the surrounding world has also received great attention. HDRR (High Dynamic Range Rendering) takes the graphics to new heights, and this is one of the main reasons why the game is played during the day, and not at night, as in the Underground series.


A quick change is an excellent EA innovation that helps players controls their cars during high-speed harassment. The speed switch is very similar to the bullet time function of games like Max Payne and Total Overdose. One thing that can disappoint fans is that the tuning of cars is much more limited than in the Underground series. You can only change your spoiler, bonnet, roof blade and window tinting. You can buy complete body kits that automatically adjust the muffler tips, lights, etc., to match the specific kit you have selected. You can still draw your car, add vinyl, stick stickers on your trip and draw your wheels (but not break calipers). Painting your car and changing your appearance are vital to your success in the game. This will help you evade the cops by lowering the heat level after each visual update or changing your trip.

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