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Now a day’s it’s not an easy task to find a real working hack. Most of the working hack in the market is not real which is very disappointing. There is 99 percent of chances that they will be fake and the rests are private generators which we can only use for a payment basis. But in this situation, getting a real hack which is 100% true and working and on the top of that it doesn’t charge anything i.e. you can have it free of cost, which is none other than the riot point generador.

  • This hacks provides free RP to all people’s in a much quicker and safer way by the help of state of the art SQL technology to get an entry to the Riot Points Database.


How to get the actual generator??

     The generator only works with the latest version, if the version is old then you need to get the newer version to functionalize it.

      The version are being changed and updated to higher versions by the Neurotic Hacks Teams to get a much more efficient riot points generator. They keep on updating the older versions every a week.

Convenient for use – no limitations ….

  • As we know several hacks are there which may run in PC but not in Mac and some others which may run in Mac but not in normal PC’s.
  • Version of the desktop is also a factor considered by the hacks.
  • But you don’t need to worry in our case because we provide you the most convenient, user friendly generator which will run in PC as well as in Mac.
  • Getting more into the categorisation level the generator works well on Windows 10/8.1/8/7.
  • It also can be used in Vista, Mac OS, and XP.

      Several instructions are given below and for further clarification of your doubts you must watch our video.

Provides various options

  This generator gives away following amounts of Riot Points:

  • 650 Riot Points
  • 1300 Riot Points + 80 bonus Riot Points
  • 2600 Riot Points + 200 bonus Riot Points
  • 4550 Riot Points + 450 bonus Riot Points
  • 6500 Riot Points + 700 bonus Riot Points
  • 13000 Riot Points + 2000 bonus Riot Points

Facing problem using generator??

  If you don’t know how to  use the generator then follow the instructions as mentioned in the tutorial  to gain more and more from the generator.

    To download the Riot Point codes you need to do these steps mentioned below:

  • Open the page and generate the RP.
  • Now choose the required amount of RP you want.
  • Have a little patience and wait for some minutes till the code appears.
  • Now the last step is just click on the LoL client and redeems the code.
  • And here we go….successful….enjoy …

Please leave your feedback on our comment box below. If you are facing any kind of problem regarding this just feel free to ask, we are there to solve it.

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