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Know About the Cinnamon Toothpicks

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Developed in the year 1949, cinnamon toothpick was sold by August T. Baden a drugstore owner in America. It was a treat given to children in Kansas City. Later on it became very popular in the 50s and the 60s.

Nearly 50 years ago, Bud Harmon’s company Harmon’s Materials Products Inc. packaged and marketed Cinnamon Toothpicks to enhance breathe and curb hunger and smoking urges. The company closed in 08 following your passing of the owner. Today, several companies produce a variety of flavored toothpicks from all natural flavored picks to people containing sugar, artificial sweeteners and flavorings. A regular toothpick can be converted into a cinnamon toothpick by soaking it in the cinnamon or its extract. After this it can be dried.

Sometimes sweeteners and other flavoring elements are added. The wood toothpicks found in America are typically cut from birch wood. Bamboo toothpicks are becoming increasingly popular because of to its short development cycle and carbon impact reduction. There are few amazing benefits of cinnamon toothpicks which are to take out particles of food between teeth, as a normal toothpick, as a breath freshener, to curb snacking between dishes and used to help in smoking cessation.

Cinnamon Fresh Toothpicks

These are useful because these maintain good teeth hygiene. When it is about dental, people become conscious and particular about using products for pearly whites and tongue that could keep fresh altogether. The fragment of cinnamon is its essential oil which is added to the process of toothpick making. The oil acts strongly as an anti-microbial agent which finishes the bacteria. Also, cinnamon has it is particular fragrance, and thanks to this fragrance, people go through the quality in the mouth. This kind of is an outstanding solution against a bad breadth as well. Using Cinnamon toothpicks on a regular basis helps in ending bad breadth.

 A proper & Wealthy Substitute

A person should have healthy habits and proper health care. By utilizing Cinnamon toothpicks, one may easily get removed with harmful patterns of not washing oral cavity and regular brushing tooth. Toothpicks can even be used for getting rid of gnawing at nails, skins, etc. In the event a person keeps or offers cinnamon toothpicks after dining table, it is recognized as a good and healthy habit. It can add positivity to a party or any type of get-together. Flavored toothpicks with food can also increase its appeal and will add good vitamin supplements and minerals.


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