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Using Steroids despite the Dangers

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Why are bodybuilders so dependent on steroid use? What is this compound and what makes it so indispensable to this sport? In order to know this, let us find out how steroids started and later on became the single most sought-after drug for bodybuilding enthusiasts. Steroids were first developed as a form of treatment for people with depression. Animal laboratory testing revealed that the compound increased muscle mass dramatically and this led the compound to be used on humans with debilitating medical conditions. This is also why the drug was tested on malnourished soldiers during World War II, improving their physical condition and their fighting performance. After the world war, Soviet athletes, particularly wrestlers, used steroids to devastating effect on their opponents. athletes found out that steroids make you perform better and stronger and this became the precursor to steroids popularity. It was not however until they found out that steroids can make your muscle grow in just a short matter of time that steroid really took off on its own. Then the internet got into the mix, that is when steroid reach really became global. People began to Buy steroids online and not only just that but they Buy Steroid Cycle too. Steroids became easier to acquire when it became online.

      Steroid use became indispensable to bodybuilders when they saw how large they can be and what they can do to muscle growth. There is simply no way to replicate what it can do naturally. ANd therein lies the problem looping in on itself. The media has created such unrealistic and unnatural standards that no natural method can replicate. Anything less than hulking is substandard for media consumption so people wanted to get bigger and bigger faster. However, in fairness to the media they did publish all the bad that went into steroid use, but people still choose to use them. There are relatively safer ways to use steroids.

Using Steroids despite the Dangers

      Because steroids can cause gastric imbalance and ulcers, it is better to inject them rather than be taken orally. Not only will this keep your stomach ulcer free but will be directly consumed by the muscle cells where they are intended to be. Have your blood checked as this allows you to have a baseline and to check major health markers and your testosterone level. This is vital for monitoring irregular spikes on your bodily health markers. Blood testing should also be done while you are taking steroids. This is very important especially when you do your Post Cycle Therapy or PCT. PCT is done two weeks after your last shot of the cycle. PCT will bring your body hormones back to its natural production levels after you cycle steroids. Post Cycle Therapy is a must if you want to be safe and not lose your steroid gains.

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