Privacy Policy

It is very important to read the terms and conditions of the site before accessing. If you know all the privacy policies it will very useful for the users to access the blog easily. Our blog aims to provide the useful information for the user’s benefits. We are giving the security only for the site and conditions not for the links or any other promotional contents. If you click the link which is mentioned in the site it automatically redirects to another page. We are not responsible for the contents available in the blog we are having responsibility only for the protection and the user security. User browser history is tracked to provide the information based on their recent researches. If you are giving your personal details in the blogs it cannot be accessed by the unauthorized users. With the help of ip address we can track the browser history easily. By tracking the browser history they can get to know our favorite you tube video, favorite pages or something which you are browsing often. When you are viewing your favorite videos the articles will displayed in your side as a notification. Blogs are requested you to enter the basic details such as name, mail id and phone number to give you the recent updates and notifications. You no need to worry about your personal details they will maintain all the details in a secured way. When you are reading the contents we are not responsible for advertisements displayed in that blog.