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Types of Crossbows:

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Archers generally talk about crossbows and how exciting the entire hunting experience has become due to the new derived crossbows; but have you ever known how many types of crossbows are available in the market? So before you venture out, and find yourself in the crossbow section of your departmental store, indecisive of what is the best type for you; have a look at the various options that are available and make your pick accordingly.

Different types of Crossbows:

  1. Recurve Crossbow: These have longer bow draw length as compared to traditional crossbows, which provides reduced pressure on the hand and better acceleration. The disadvantage though is that it produces greater strain and pressure on the bow structure itself. Recurve crossbows are favorites of advanced archers, adept hunters and expert shooters. They are also sometimes most noisy and hence requires the additional use of a silencer.
  2. Compound Crossbow: There are several varieties of compound crossbows, but the functionality remains the same for all. The compound crossbow has a string which is attached to a number of pulleys, and all of them are connected by cables to the opposite limb. When you prepare to take a shot, you need to draw the string back, which will then make all the pulleys turn and the cables to move accordingly. At this point, the limbs will bend, thus storing energy for the shot. Limbs that are stiffer than usual and require greater pressure from the users because of the design characterize these crossbows. This structure, although is a bit complex, still makes compound crossbows more energy efficient than other types of crossbows.
  3. Pistol Crossbows: Pistol crossbows are relatively compact and small in size, just like the actual pistol. There are many variants of pistol crossbows like 80lb and 150lb.
  4. Rifle Crossbows: The rifle crossbows are essentially designed to provide better aim. These are most advanced models that can come with adjustable sights, heavy-duty fiber, and foot pull.
  5. Bullet Crossbows: This type of crossbow doesn’t shoot arrows, instead it shoots bullet-looking projectiles made of clay, lead or stone.
  6. Repeating Crossbows: This is the machine gun version of the crossbows. With this type of crossbow, you only have to make a single movement and everything, from bow stringing, project launching, and shooting, will be completed. This way, you’ll be able to shoot at a faster rate than usual.

Just on last point, before you go to your crossbow section and order for your best fitted crossbow, you may also want to check with the local and state authorities in your respective zones and procure any license if required to carry a crossbow. Once done, you are all set to buy your new Crossbow and venture out in the woods.

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