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Troubled teen program stated it is for both the teens and youth depending on the treatment it lasts for 7-8 weeks or varies. It includes every participant (young walker) to spend those days in Arizona (where it is located and operated from) hiking and camping. Each child is assigned a Shadow (counselor) who works closely with the parents and their child on the concerns that brought the Young Walker to the trail. Shadows have at least a master’s degree and are supervised by the program’s psychologists and clinical director. Shadows meet weekly with the Young Walkers on the trail and keep parents informed as to the progress the child is making. Learn more about the Anasazi Foundation Troubled teen program.

The Anasazi wilderness program – an Insight

The parents or the caretakers participate on the admission day of the wilderness therapy. They also get to attend a workshop. This program also allows them to have a weekly consult with the therapist to know about their child’s progress.

So, in a way we can say that this is an outdoor survival program. This places the patients usually young children and adults in a challenging atmosphere through which they see positive results like team effort, will power and communication.

The Troubled teen program in life can be termed as the ANASAZI WAY. This wilderness program recognizes the creator in all good things. They see greatness participant and believe that they have great potential. This wilderness program honors the family’s faith and traditions.

This program calls for introspection and personal accountability. It aims to have a lasting effect on participants to have a change of behavior. This is basically directed by professional and specialized staff that specializes in adolescent psychology. They also have experience in marital and family therapy. They have experiential education in social work and nursing as well which helps the patients to have a lasting change of heart.

The ratio of patient to staff is usually 2:1. The basic group are the teenagers. The Anasazi Foundation Troubled teen program may also have a post program care and an outpatient. This helps them treat patients in an individualized way and also follow up on them post the program.

The goal of the ANASAZI Foundation is to make parents and their children to have change of heart and be in peace with one another. Their mission is to make both parents and children walk in congruence in the wilderness of the world.


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