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A doctor advises egg donor for a woman when her ovaries fail to produce eggs or if the eggs produces are not healthy. If the woman has a family history of genetic disorders, she will need an egg donor. If you are looking for one, then you have to be careful and make the choice wisely and practically. After all, your child will have some traits of the donor. Hence choose only the best Egg donor agency in California. Here are some criteria to choose the best egg donor:

Select a good agency: There are many egg donor programs or agencies out there who maintain a database of healthy egg donors. There will be first-time as well as repeat donors. You will find all details about them and you can make the right choice.

Medical history: Do check the medical history files of the donor so as to be assured that the donor does not have any family history of illnesses or any other disorders. It is also helpful to check the compatibility with the medical history of the intended father.

Blood group: Though it is not necessary for the donor to be of the same blood group as the intended mother, choosing a donor with the same blood group does have its own advantages. It means in future, you and your child will have matching blood groups and it will mean more privacy. Second, it will also emphasize that the child is 100% your biological child, in case you are not comfortable with others knowing about donated egg. Talk to the Egg donor agency in California.

Looks of the donor: It is up to you if you are keen on the looks of the donor but if you want your child to have almost same attributes like you and your partner, then you can choose a donor accordingly. For example, if you and your partner have blue eyes, you may want to choose a donor with blue eyes and not brown or black eyes. The egg donor has to be young between 20-30 years.

Go for repeat donors: Repeat donors are those who have already donated eggs before and continue to donate. An advantage of using a repeat egg donor is that the person has gone through the process and has helped deliver a healthy child.

Local donors or not: Getting local donors will mean less expenses as if you go for a donor who stays in another state or region, you will have to bear the expenses of the person’s stay and travel to the doctor for appointments. In any case, look for a healthy, smart, good looking and dependable donor to help you realize your dream of having a child.



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